About Probio 7

Probio 7 has been supporting immunity and digestive health since its formulation in 1995.

Probio7 is a high quality, live bacteria supplement. Each capsule contains over 4 billion live ‘good’ bacteria that support natural gut diversity.

Over 150 million capsules have been sold in the UK since 1995. Each convenient capsule contains over 4 billion ‘good’ bacteria, made up of Probio7 Original’s unique blend of 7 strains of live bacteria, alongside two types of prebiotic fibre. Both probiotics and prebiotics can help restore the balance of the natural microorganisms in the intestines, colon and digestive tract.

7 facts about Probio 7

1. Probio7 Original is dairy, wheat, yeast, gluten and GMO free

Whereas some probiotic supplements can contain allergens Probio7 Original has been formulated without dairy, yeast, gluten and wheat. It is also GMO free. For a vegan alternative opt for Probio7 Original Vegan, our Advanced and Ultra formulations are also Vegan society approved.

2. Probio7 Original has a unique blend of 7 bacterial strains alongside 2 prebiotic fibres

There are a huge number of different bacteria in the human body. Each with unique properties and effects. Each Probio7 Original capsule contains a blend of 7 bacteria strains, each chosen for their unique beneficial effects.

3. There are over 4 billion live bacteria in each capsule

When it comes to live bacteria food supplements, bigger numbers don’t always mean better performance.  Research has shown that a small number of the right strain of probiotic can have a positive effect on gut diversity. However, for some people a large number of bacteria in a single capsule is preferable.  Probio7 Original has a unique blend of 7 probiotic strains alongside 2 prebiotic fibres.

4. It doesn’t need refrigeration

The 7 strains of probiotic in Probio7 do not need to be refrigerated. This is because they have been freeze dried. This process preserves the cell structures without damaging them and is commonly used for preserving food and medical supplies. Once the bacteria enters the human gut they revert from their dormant state to being active.

5. Probio7 can be taken alongside antibiotics

Although antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria, research has shown that some strains of bacteria are robust enough to survive in the human body when taken alongside antibiotics. Some customers take a live bacteria supplement during and after a course of antibiotics. Microorganisms such as the ones found in Probio7 support gut diversity, which can be disrupted by the use of antibiotics. Common side effects of antibiotics can be diarrhoea bloating and indigestion.

6. Probio7 can be taken at any time of the day

It is not necessary to take Probio7 alongside a meal, however this is recommended as best practise. The food consumed alongside Probio7 reduces the effect of the stomach acid which is designed to destroy bacteria and therefore creates a more hospitable environment for the live bacteria. As Probio7 Original is formulated with a blend of 7 robust probiotics resistant to the stomach acid taking alongside a meal or snack is preferable but not absolutley essential.

7. Probio7 has sold over 150 million capsules in the UK since 1995

We have many customers who have used Probio7 successfully for many years.  As one of the UK’s most established and trusted live bacteria supplements our loyal customers trust Probio7.