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Since taking my friendly bacteria supplement I feel worse, why is this?

Every person has a unique gut microbiome, even identical twins. This means that whilst one friendly bacteria supplement might work well for one person, it isn’t guaranteed to have the same effect on someone else. Whilst the majority of us can notice the benefits within a few days to weeks, others may not notice any difference or even start to feel worse. 

When the friendly bacteria are colonising our stomach, it can cause some temporary changes in the function of our gut microbiome, which may result in side effects for example bloating and gas. Whilst these problems are usually only temporary and subside within a few days, they can be very uncomfortable and undesirable.

What you can do if you’re experiencing side effects from your friendly bacteria supplement -

  1. If your side effects aren’t too severe you could continue taking the product and if they do not subside within a week then discontinue use 
  2. Take a capsule every other day 
  3. Discontinue use straightaway 
  4. Take a lower strength supplement. If you’ve never taken a friendly bacteria supplement before it may be a large change for your gut microbiome. Start off with Probio7 Original which contains 4 billion bacteria per capsule 
  5. Changes in diet and lifestyle can also change the function of our gut microbiome. Try and think back to before you started taking your supplement, has anything changed in your diet or lifestyle i.e. increased stress or use of medication.
  6. If none of these solutions are right for you consider getting your friendly bacteria from foods such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso or kombucha or try a different brand  

If you are concerned about the side effects caused by taking Probio7 please contact our nutritionist either by email or call 07591 403094.

  • Product that might suit you
Probio7 Original

Probio7 Original
A digestive health supplement that is formulated for daily use for anyone aged 2 years and over.

  • 4 billion live bacteria per capsule 
  •  7 well researched strains 
  •  Free from: Gluten, dairy and GMO 
  • Suitable for daily use from 2 years+ 
  •  Live bacteria to complement the gut flora naturally present in your gut microbiome 
  •  No need to refrigerate


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