Probio7 Immune+
70% of our immune cells are located in the gut. Therefore, having a well-functioning gut microbiome can be considered vital to keeping you well.  

Probio7 Immune+ has been formulated for daily immune support for those aged 12 years and over. Each box provides 60 capsules. 30 capsules contain Probio7 Advanced. Each Probio7 Advanced capsule provides 8 live strains of friendly bacteria which are naturally present in your digestive system as well as S. boulardii, a strain of friendly yeast. This has been complemented with two types of fibre that feed and encourage the growth of friendly bacteria in your gut microbiome.  

The remaining 30 capsules provide a clinically studied natural beta 1,3/1,6 glucan, Wellmune® which has been complemented with an optimum dose of vitamin D to contribute to the normal function of the immune system. Wellmune is a highly researched beta-glucan, supported by over 10 clinical trials showing safety and efficacy. The use of Wellmune has been tested in a variety of populations including adults, athletes, the elderly and those with stressful lifestyles.