The evenings are getting cooler, leaves are starting to fall and the smell the pumpkin spice is in the air which can only mean one thing… Autumn is around the corner and we start preparing for back to school!

Some of us might be excited to get back to a routine whilst others might be dreading that back to school cough or cold. This is completely normal - a new environment, change in schedule and mixing with different kids can expose your child to a mix of bacteria and viruses and leave them vulnerable to colds or coughs.

Whilst this can’t always be totally avoided, we want to make sure you are equipped to support your child’s health which is why we developed Baba West Fruit Bears. Not only are they the perfect accomplishment to any kid's lunchbox they also have several immune benefits to help keep your child well throughout September.

Immune benefits of Baba West Fruit Bears -

  • Each serving (8 bears) delivers 1 billion bacteria to your child's gut. Around 70% of your child's immune system is in their gut, which means the good bacteria that reside there play a fundamental role in keeping the bad bacteria at bay! We selected the friendly bacteria BC30TMto coat our Fruit Bears as they have been extensively researched in kids to support their immune system. In fact, daily intake of 1 billion BC30TM was able to reduce the incidence of common symptoms associated with upper respiratory tract infections including nasal congestion, itchy nose, headache and fatigue.


  • What’s more, our Fruit Bears are high in fibre which is essential for keeping the good bacteria in their gut happy and healthy.


  • We use real fruit to make our Fruit Bears which means you’re child is still getting all the goodness from the fruit but in a delicious snack. Our Fruit Bears are a source of vitamin C which is vital for supporting the function of the immune system. Plus they are one of your child’s 5 a day. Perfect for fussy eaters!


Each pack of Baba West Fruit Bears contains 7 servings (approximately 8 Bears) to be enjoyed throughout the week. Our Fruit Bears can be paired with Kidskalm for extra gut support.