What are Live Bacteria?

The human body is home to trillions of live bacteria.  Bacteria that might have effects are sometimes referred to as “probiotics”. That’s why they are often called ‘good’ or ‘friendly’ bacteria.

By consuming live bacterial cultures it is possible to increase the amount and diversity of bacteria in our gut. Live bacteria occur naturally in foods such as yogurt and some cheeses. They can also be found in convenient food supplements like Probio7.Read more

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    Gut Discomfort

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    Gut Inconvenience

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    Skin Breakout

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    Yeast Overgrowth

* Research has shown that consuming live cultures is an effective way of maintaining a diverse gut flora. An imbalance of bacteria in the digestive tract can contribute to some digestive symptoms and other conditions.

Why Probio7?

Probio7 is a high quality, natural food supplement. Each capsule contains over 4 billion live bacteria that support the diversity of the natural human gut flora.

Over 150 million capsules sold in the UK since 1995

Each convenient capsule contains over 4 billion ‘good’ bacteria, made up of Probio7’s unique blend of 7 types of friendly bacteria and two types of prebiotic fibre.

Probio7 Original is dairy, yeast, gluten, wheat and GMO free

Some probiotic supplements can contain allergens Probio7 Original has been formulated without dairy, yeast, gluten and wheat. It is also GMO free.

Probio7 has been supporting natural gut diversity since its formulation in 1995

Specially selected strains of bacteria used by our customers for more than 20 years. Probio7’s customer reviews speak for themselves.

150 Million +

Capsules Sold in the UK

Free from

Wheat, Dairy, Gluten and GMOs

20+ years

Happy healthy customers

Customer Reviews

Shophie Barrry/
Probio 7 Advanced
These are fantastic, really helped my constipation issues
Metien Fouejd/
Probio 7 Advanced
This has done more for my lower digestive system than any other similar product. It has restored normal functioning, which to me seems like some kind of a miracle.
Amanda Stone/
Probio 7 Advanced
I took these for two months and they greatly improved my IBS symptoms. My family were delighted with the reduction in my - ahem
Jem B/
Probio 7
Effective if taken regularly for IBS/intolerance to dairy products
Martin Ballery/
Probio 7 Advanced
These Probio7 capsules are a perfect pick me up after a heavy dose of antibiotics - they replace the 'good' bacteria that have been eliminated by the antibiotic.
Marria Ghleuit/
Probio 7
Effective if taken regularly for IBS/intolerance to dairy products.

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