Meet our Head of Nutrition

Meet Rebecca, our Head Nutritionist at Probio7.
Rebecca is an Associate Nutritionist (ANutr), with a passion for gut health.

Rebecca Traylen (ANutr)

Head Of Nutrition  

Rebecca started her journey at the University of Nottingham studying Biology where she became fascinated in the relationship between diet, health and disease. This led her to study a masters in Nutrition at the University of Surrey.

Since studying at Surrey, Rebecca is now our resident nutritionist and is keen to raise awareness of the importance of gut health and how our resident bacteria can affect our health and well-being!

Rebecca Traylen (ANutr)

Head Of Nutrition  

"When we think about health, many of us may overlook our gut microbiome. However, there is more research nearly every day that demonstrates how important our gut microbiome is for digestion, immunity, mood, skin, and sleep in every stage of life! I want to educate people on how important it is to look after your gut microbiome and how this can be achieved to improve our health."


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Hear Rebecca talk about...

07 JAN 2021

Claire Elise podcast chat with Rebecca Traylen nutritionist at Probio7 about gut health. We talk about healthy eating, why gut health is important and why you should always take a shopping list to the supermarket!


21 JAN 2021

The Parent & Baby Coach and Rebecca Traylen talk all about the development of the infant gut. From the day of conception onwards, and how introducing probiotics, and other subtle shifts can help set your little one’s gut up for success.


27 JAN 2021

The Parent & Baby Coach and Rebecca Traylen go over the topic of reflux and how paying attention to the gut can help! I give you my TOP TIPS for managing reflux and how you can use these tools to really get to the bottom of this issue.


03 FEB 2021

If you are pregnant and looking to breastfeed, or if you’re in your first few months of breastfeeding, then this episode is for you! We go over the breastfeeding basics – the advantages for your little one, how breastfeeding actually works.


Read Some of Rebecca's Recent Features

24 AUG 2020

Even though, according to our recent research, almost 50% of women took up exercising (46%) and eating more healthily.


O9 JUL 2020

As Head of Nutrition at Probio7, I've been thinking about immunity and the simple changes we can make to improve our...


13 JUL 2020

Supplementation has been a hot topic for many years, with plenty of information and many different vitamins trending monthly.


10 JAN 2020

Often touted as one of the healthiest diets in the world and advocated for by health professionals, the Mediterranean diet has established itself as one of the best ways to eat.


21 OCT 2020

The benefits of pumpkin seeds make them a pantry staple. Whether stirred into porridge, sprinkled over salads, or roasted and enjoyed whole, they add texture and flavour, and are packed with vitamins, minerals...


19 DEC 2020

I often get a UTI. What can I do to prevent them? Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are bacterial infections of any part of the urinary tract.


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