Digestive Health

Our core range of Probio7 supplements are designed for those wanting a high-quality dose of live friendly bacteria to support their digestive system. Each product contains a variety of different, researched strains which are able to work together. This means you are able to get a number of benefits from one capsule.

For those looking for a daily amount of friendly bacteria, similar to a live yogurt but without the added sugar.

Our highest strength product, for those with existing digestive issues who need an extra dose of friendly bacteria. 

Our best seller within the Probio7 range, a high amount of friendly bacteria for those looking to support their immune and digestive system.

The same great formula as Original but packaged into a vegetable cellulose capsule, making it suitable for vegans.

Friendly bacteria and a mixture of vitamins and minerals, plant extracts and fish oils to support those over 50 years. 

A 4-week course of friendly bacteria to be taken during and after antibiotic treatment to reboot and replenish your gut microbiome.