Independent Consumer Perception Study

Independent consumer perception study*

We recruited 52 healthy females aged 18-65 years, with active feelings of bloating within the last month.   

The participants took 1 Contours vial at the start of each day for 10 days. At the end of each day, they were asked to complete a questionnaire, which assessed the severity of their bloating and how this impacted their figure and confidence. 

The key results:

  • By day 10, over 80% of participants reported that they were feeling less bloated compared to day 1. This was a 4-fold increase compared to day one.
  • In just 4 days, over 50% of participants said they felt happy with their figure. Compared to only 4% on day 1.
  • By day 10, over 60% of subjects said their stomach looked flatter.
  • Over 50% of participants perceived a visible improvement in their body shape by day 10.
  • More than half of participants said that their clothes felt looser today by day 10. 
  • The average waist circumference loss between all participants was 2.6cm, when comparing morning measurements from day 1 to day 10.
  • When comparing morning waist circumference measurements from day 1 to day 10, 41 of 52 participants had a drop in their waist measurement.

“It definitely helped with bloating, I had no stomach aches or pains or upsets during the whole trial”
“Really liked the easiness of the product, easy to use and to put in small amounts of liquids or food”
“Easy use and palatable. Addressed all symptoms of bloating gradually”
“Pleased with results achieved. Significant reduction in bloating and feel more confident”

 *Independently conducted by Alba Science to ISO standards between the 7th August 2020 – 16th August 2020 on behalf of Probio7

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