Probio7 50 PLUS was chosen as Women’s Own buy of the week.

Probio7 50 PLUS contains 30 capsules containing 10 billion live bacteria from 8 live strains, plus a friendly strain of yeast. This has been complemented with 30 capsules containing several vitamins and minerals, specifically chosen to target the nutritional requirements for those over 50. This unique complex provides a double response, as the effects from live bacteria on supporting the microbiome are combined with beneficial effects of some vitamins and minerals.

The vitamin and mineral capsules also contain other natural ingredients, such as omega-3 fatty acids, ginkgo biloba and curcuma, which are great nutrients for those over 50 thanks to their cognitive function support properties.

Probio7 feature in Womens Own

70% of our immune system lays along our digestive tract. This means that our gut microbiota plays a significant role in the function of our immune system. One way we can keep our gut microbiome happy and healthy is through the foods we eat. Rick Hay created an exclusive recipe with an array of nutrients to support immune, digestive and nervous system function, as well as heart health. Why not add Probio7 Immune+ capsules to your smoothie for extra immune and digestive support. Both the friendly bacteria capsule and beta-glucan capsule can be pulled apart and mixed into the smoothie.If you give the smoothie a go, make sure to tag us on Instagram @probio7