As the research on friendly bacteria and gut health evolves, so have our products and at Probio7 we want to ensure we are staying ahead of the research to be able to bring you the resources and expertise to best look after your health.  

That’s why we’re proud to announce our new partnership with Zita West.  With increasing evidence that the gut microbiome is important for a healthy pregnancy, and we are thrilled to be powering Zita West Products.

About Zita West

Zita is a world-renowned fertility expert and has more than 20 years experience helping thousands at every stage of their fertility and pregnancy journeys.

A note from Zita on the partnership:

 “I have long been an advocate for the importance of supporting gut health when trying for a baby and how increasing friendly bacteria can help further enhance a couple’s fertility potential, as well as supporting a normal pregnancy.   

“When I first created the Zita West Products range 20 years ago, I wanted to work with partners who shared my values and passion for ensuring men and women are in the best possible shape for fertility, as well as supporting women through pregnancy, so this collaboration with Probio7 is very important for me”

If you'd like to learn more about supporting your gut health throughout pregnancy, why not book a free 1:1 consultation with our nutrition team? We can recommend diet and lifestyle changes that can make a big difference. To book, simply click here.