Probio7 Life Natto

Natto is a traditional Japanese dish made by fermenting soybeans

How to natto

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  • Soak 70g of dried soybeans in cold boiled water for around 15 hours. Change the water and soak until fully expanded
  • Add the soybeans in a steamer or a pressure cooker until the soybeans are cooked and can be kneaded by hand. Then, add the cooked soybeans into the ceramic pots and allow to cool
  • Pour a small bag of natto into the soybeans and mix well. Add about 400ml of water to the yogurt maker. Place the ceramic pots into the machine with their lids. We recommend opening the value on the top of the lids to allow water vapour to escape
  • Select the natto function
  • After the fermentation is finished, refrigerate for 24-36 hours before consuming

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