"This has boosted my confidence, mental health and physical health!"

"For the past 5 years I have struggled with painful bloating, stomach cramps, gassiness and digestion. Over these years I visited the doctors multiple times to discuss my symptoms. I’ve been incorrectly diagnosed with IBS, referred to specialist Gastroenterologist with no results and ultimately told it’s likely due to stress. 

I then spoke to Rebecca at Probio7, who was the first person in these 5 years who was able to tell me all about how the gut works. Rebecca, suggested I try some probiotics to see if this helps with any of my symptoms. I started off with Probio7 Original to test the waters, and I haven’t looked back!  

Within a week my bloating was considerably better, my gassiness had reduced and I felt like I was starting to digest my food properly. This also led to the pains previously experienced in my stomach to become much less severe and manageable for the first time in a long time.  

I have now been taking probiotics for a few months and have since moved onto Probio7 Advanced. I would say I now only feel bloated once a month (when I eat excessively), my gassiness is at a normal level, I’m digesting food properly and experience no stomach pain. This has boosted my confidence, mental health and physical health, as I am more confident with going out in public for longer periods of time, whether that’s to exercise or for a spot of shopping. 

Taking these probiotics is one of the best decisions I have made in a long time and cannot recommend them enough. Thank you Rebecca, for restoring some normality into my life during a very peculiar time!"

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