Probio7 Life Rice Wine

How to make rice wine

The key to making rice wine is cleanliness. Wash all containers and utensils thoroughly as well as your hands before starting the process. You will need about 150g glutinous rice (sticky rice), about 100ml cold boiled water and 1-2g distillers yeast.

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  • Rinse glutinous rice with cold water for 2~3 times, then steam. After taking it out of steamer, scatter it and cool it to the moderate temperature of about 35 °C. If the rice looks too dry or halfcooked, sprinkle a small amount of water on the rice and steam
  • Put the cooled glutinous rice into a bowl, add about 100ml of cold water and stir evenly. Mix a small amount of cold water with the yeast. Pour onto the rice and stir evenly. Distribute into the ceramic pots. Make a small hole in the center of the rice. Close the value on top to form a seal
  • Tip: 150g glutinous rice should take about 100ml cold water. If the rice is too hard after being cooled, you use more cold water on it. The yeast should be prepared and used according to instructions on pack
  • Add about 400ml of water to the yogurt maker, add the ceramic and select the rice wine function
  • Once the rice wine is ready, we recommend storing for a few days before straining and then refrigerating

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