At Probio7 we are committed to the health and wellbeing of parents and their children. This is why we carried out a study to determine what the biggest concerns faced by new parents are and we are excited to announce that the results were featured in The Metro!

Probio7 in Metro Feature

The survey found that parents experience a wide range of worries when it comes to their new-born. However, three consistent themes were highlighted; colic, toilet habits and sleep. Whilst it is normal to worry every so often, it was found that in many parents this was damaging their relationships and causing anxiety.

Therefore, it is vital that parents feel like they can help their new-born. A probiotic safe for infant consumption can help improve gut health and may reduce colic, reflux, loose stools or constipation; it is also vital for immune health. This will have a positive impact on a baby’s mood, sleep, energy and general well-being - which will also improve the parent’s well-being!

Probio7 Bifikalm is a probiotic specially designed for infants from 2 months+ which is easily administered with friendly cultures found naturally in their intestine. On top of that, Probio7 Bifikalm is suitable for both breastfed and bottle-fed infants! The supplement has been clinically tested and is free of the common allergens.
Plus, Probio7 Bifkalm can now be found in Boots, both online and in-store!